PARIS - German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Saturday that pursuing growth would be on the agenda of an EU summit in June, while repeating that an European Union budget pact would not be revisited.

“We are preparing a growth agenda for the European summit in June,” Merkel told German daily Leipziger Volkszeitung.

Asked about the extra measures proposed to spur growth, she said: “They have been on the EU’s agenda for the past year. Several European summits have been concretely involved in this and for June we are preparing a growth agenda.”

But Merkel dismissed proposals for a renegotiation of the budget pact mooted notably by France’s frontrunning presidential candidate Francois Hollande, a Socialist. “There will be no new negotiations on the budget pact. Twenty-five heads of government have signed it,” she said. “It has already been ratified by Portugal and Greece and Ireland will put it to a referendum in May.”

European Central Bank President Mario Draghi has caused a stir by calling for a “growth compact” to accompany the eurozone’s fiscal compact as a growing number of eurozone countries are starting to baulk at belt-tightening measures being prescribed by governments in a bid to rein in deficits.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti and European Commission chief Jose Manuel Barroso warned Friday against growth measures that fuel debt, in a veiled rebuff of Hollande. The pair held a breakfast meeting in Brussels a day after separately contributing to a conference on how to revive eurozone growth, and issued a joint statement that serves as a marker for EU plans ahead of the June summit.

“We agreed that the revival of growth must come through a relentless focus on improving competitiveness and not through higher levels of debt,” they said.

“Fiscal consolidation should therefore proceed alongside targeted investments, to enhance competitiveness while also contributing to increasing demand in the short-term.”

Merkel also mirrored that view in an interview to regional Hamburg-based radio and television broadcaster NDR on Friday, saying: “Growth does not have to cost money”, and stressing it could be achieved through “structural reforms”.