LAHORE – Punjab Police Inspector General said on Saturday that stringent measures are being taken against the beasts of the society, rapists, who defile women’s honour. He categorically said that there would be a sigh of relief only after the ‘beasts’ are put to task and the tormented women are provided justice. He expressed these views during his consecutive visits of a village Khanpur, (District Sheikhupura) and Aroop, (District Gujranwala) on Saturday.

Provincial Police Chief paid a surprise visit to village Khanpur where a 12-year-old girl was gang-raped by three boys of the same locality some days back. He met with grieved family and consoled with it over the sad incident and ensured the victim’s family that all the rapists would be arrested within 24 hours and would be dealt as per law. The father of the rapped girl informed IG Punjab that the rapist namely, Kaka, Gulam Mustafa and Rashid took his twelve years old daughter ( M ) to a deserted house where forcibly put wine into her mouth and compelled her to smoke cigarettes when (M) was intoxicated the rapists rapped with her interchangeably. On this, IG Punjab told the victims family that the rapped girl was like his daughter and when he learned about the rape incident he immediately rushed to Khanpur village .He ensured that the rapists would be arrested with in 24 hours and they would be brought to justice.

He strictly ordered to the regional police officer Mr Zulfiqar Cheema and DPO Sheikhupura Dr. Haider Ashraf to look into the whole matter and to investigate the entire case on merit basis. He also warned that no negligence would be tolerated any more. He also said that the delay in the registration of FIR in that case is negligence on the part of the police and an enquiry would be started forthwith.

Later, IGP reached Aroop Village, (District Gujranwala) to console with another woman (S) who was also gang raped few days back. The victim woman told the IGP that some police official, Zulfiqar of Police Station Aroop was allegedly involved in her rape. IGP assured the victim woman that she will be provided justice and strict action will be taken against the police official who was founded to be guilty in this matter. IGP also directed RPO, Gujranwala, Muhammad Amin Wains and CPO Gujranwala, Ehsan Tufail to expedite the said case and made arrangements for cancellation of bail of involved police official.

He said that his intention to personally visit these effected families to convey a massage to the department that bad reputed, corrupt and inefficient officers have no space for black sheep in the department. While commenting the reasons in rising gang rape incidents, the IGP said that decline in social values and immoral programs which were aired by some channels were the main reason. He said to save and protect the younger generation from these uncultured programs he will propose the government to adopt some concrete steps in this behalf.