PESHAWAR – Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor, Barrister Masood Kausar has said that constructive civic, cultural and traditional values based mechanism of justice is a panacea to sustenance of societies, wherein the role of lawyers is also of paramount importance.

Addressing the oath taking ceremony of Mardan District Bar Association on Saturday, the governor pointed out that it was not merely the courts responsible to dispense justice rather the society in itself also had a great role to promote justice based civic and social norms. Indeed, he added, the role of lawyers in educating the people and dispensing justice whether it is required for providing justice to individuals or different segments of societies is also very important. This, he remarked, is also the common practice in the developed countries of the world, which one can find as the core ingredient of their success in various fields of life.

In fact, the governor said, justice is the core requirement of every individual, group and segment of society to make them satisfied and feel protected members of any society.

Highly eulogising the role of lawyer community in dispensation of justice in the country, the governor said apart from their contribution of indispensable nature in courts their services at every level are also well acknowledged. 

The services and contribution of lawyers towards supremacy of justice, he said, is also a historically tested fact in Pakistan too and their well-acclaimed achievements wither it is political or social forums, are the golden part of our history and that always be remembered with great dignity.

Today, he said, if we as the nation have been enjoying freedom of political, civic, democratic and expression, it is also the result of the great services and sacrifices of lawyers community. 

Responding to various demands, presented by Abdul Ahad Khan advocate on behalf of the association on this occasion, which were mainly concerned to strengthening library, construction of purpose built court rooms and offices of judiciary as well as lawyers’ and renovation, furnishing, and renovation of the bar, the governor announced a grant of Rs 2 million for the bar to meet its immediate needs.

Barrister Masaood Kausar administered oath of the office of President to Abdul Ahad Khan Advocate while Alamgir Khan Advocate and Arif Rasool Khan Advocate took oath as vice president and the general secretary of the association respectively on this occasion. Similarly Majid Khan Advocate and Nasir Khan Advocate were administered the oath of the offices of joint secretary and finance secretary of the association.