KARACHI - More than half of a total of 168 members of the Sindh Assembly remained inactive, doing nothing except resting during last four years of current provincial legislature.

Though, elected to represent their constituent, majority of the lawmakers did not participate in the proceedings of the assembly, except voted for or against any ‘legislation or resolution’ advised by their leaders.

The women lawmakers as against their male colleagues ‘performed well’ by asking questions, moving resolutions, adjournment motions and private bills, participated actively in the proceedings of the Sindh Assembly.

These facts reflected in the ‘four years performance report of Sindh Assembly (from April 5, 2008 to April 4, 2012) of current provincial legislature, which was unveiled by Speaker Nisar Ahmed Khuhro at a press conference here on Saturday.

The 133-page report carries overall performance of the current legislature during last four years in terms of making legislation, adopting resolutions, adjournment motions, privilege motions and questions taken up by the legislature.

The report also gauged the performance of each member how he/she took part in the proceedings, asked how many questions, moved resolutions, adjournment motions, private bills and privilege motions in the house.

Though the report reflected with a fact that majority of the lawmakers remained inactive doing nothing except lazing off in the house, but the Speaker of Sindh Assembly termed the performance of the lawmakers as ‘well’ on account of making legislation, adopting resolutions and taking up questions in the house.

“Despite lack of facilities of staff and office, the MPAs actively participated in the proceedings of the assembly by asking questions and tabling resolutions and adjournment motions, which is best for the democracy,” he said, unveiling that women lawmakers performed best as against their male colleagues in the proceedings of the provincial legislature during last four years.

Khuhro said that a very few lawmakers were active when it came to ask questions, to table resolutions, private bills, privilege motions, adjournment motions.

Speaker declared Arif Mustafa Jatoi of NPP top in the lawmakers in terms of his active participation in the proceedings of the current legislature by submitting questions, private bills, adjournment motions and privilege motions. In overall performance of lawmakers, the women legislators outshined their male colleagues in terms of their active participation in the assembly proceedings.

Following Arif Jatoi of NPP, Heer Ismail Soho of MQM, Humera Alwani of the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party and Nusrat Bano, Sehar Abbasi of PML-F remained vocal and prominent in the assembly proceedings during last four years

Arif Jatoi asked 1179 questions, 10 adjournment motions, 15 private bills, 20 resolutions and 74 motions on various topics of public interest during last four years.  Meanwhile, Heer Soho submitted 1330 questions, 175 resolutions, 44 motions and one adjournment motion, Humera Alwani of PPP submitted 626 questions, 175 resolutions, 4 private bills and 44 motions, while Abbasi of PML-F submitted 1067 questions, 6 adjournment motions, 1 private bill, 126 resolutions and 57 motions during four years on different topics.

A thin number of above huge number of business was taken up for consideration in the assembly as mostly were turned down or lapsed.  Though, most of the items submitted by the lawmakers were lapsed due to time constraint or were either turned down for untold reasons, but their efforts to raise the issue was a good thing, said speaker Khuhro during his press conference. The report stated that the more than half of the members of the total 168 were remained inactive except lazing off in the house. Even, the four lawmakers of PML-Likeminded, who sit on opposition benches in Sindh Assembly remained inactive included Abdul Razzak Rahimon, Arbab Zulfiqar Ali and Ms. Nuzhat Pathan. The four opposition members did not submitted questions, adjournment motions, resolutions and private bills, which is the only way to make representation of their constituent.

Similarly, a long list of the lawmakers, who remained inactive in the house during last four years are: ruling PPP’s Ali Murad Rajar, Ikramullah Dhareejo, Imdad Ali Pitafi, Mir Hassan Khoso, Mehboob Bijarani, Ghalib Domki, Abid Sundrani, Fasih Shah, Naeem Kharal, Aziz Jatoi, Fida Dero, Sikander Shoro, Rukhsana Shah, Sanjeela Leghari, Ghulam Ahmed Shahliani, Mir Haji Hayat Talpur, Pir Bachal Shah, Saleem Hingoro, Muhammad Usman Jalbani, Najamuddin Abro, Mrs. Najma Saeed Chawla, Nawab Muhammad Taimor Talpur, Ms. Rai Naz Bozdar, Tariq Masoon Arain, Muhammad Hassan alias Mir Babu Talpur, Mir Mehboob Talpur and others. 

The most of the MQM, PML-Q, PML-F and ANP members were also remained inactive in assembly during fours years of current legislature.

According to the report, a total of 10006 questions were received to the assembly, out which only 2867 laid on the floor of the house during four years.

Similarly, a large number of 36 ordinances, issued by the governor, were presented, out of which 28 ordinance were laid in the house.  Out of 108 bills received to the assembly, a large number of 76 government bills were passed into law during last four years. Only six bills were referred to the standing committees concerned, showing less participation of the lawmakers in the legislation.  As only one private bill, against 31 bills received to the assembly, was granted leave and introduced by the legislature during last four years.

According to report, 40 resolutions out of 1033 were passed while remaining resolutions were lapsed due to time constraint. However, a huge number of 137 resolutions were moved out of turn and passed with unanimous vote during last four years.  Speaker Khuhro termed the performance of the Sindh Assembly as against of other three provincial assemblies remained well and upto mark in terms of legislation and proceedings.