LAHORE - Senator Pervaiz Rashid has said that every act of Rehman Malik revolves around fraud and lie, Malik should present his bunch of lie in the court and he will not only face humiliation but the people will reject his politics also.

He expressed these views in reaction of the allegations leveled by Rehman Malik against Nawaz Sharif, and said that the four years tenure of PPP is reflective of loot and plunder and every day a new scam of corruption comes to surface. He said that Rehman Malik instead of leveling false allegations should give account of the billion of rupees looted by his master otherwise humiliation is his fate. He said that Rehman Malik has no threat from anyone except to his own hypocrisy and lie. He said that after the decision of the Supreme Court, Rehman Malik is trying to hide his misdeeds by mudslinging others. He advised Rehman Malik to go to the court and present proofs so that the facts should become clear.  Senator Pervaiz Rashid challenged that Rehman Malik will never dare to go to NAB. He said that Rehman Malik had handed over this bunch of lie to Imran Khan for the last four years. Earlier he had given the same to Pervaiz Musharraf and prior to it he had himself lodged these cases in the court but he could prove nothing. Pervaiz Rashid said that four days ago Rehman Malik had submitted such documents in the Supreme Court which were rejected. He said that Rehman Malik cannot escape implementation of decision of Supreme Court by leveling false allegations.