ISLAMABAD - Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik has flung insult at the Sharif brothers as retaliation against PML-N reaction after the Supreme Court convicted Prime Minister YousufRazaGilani.

“Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif were involved in $32 million money laundering. They were also defaulters of Rs6 billion,” he told reporters at a press conference at the Interior Ministry on Saturday.

“I will raise the matter in Parliament and send a $32 million money-laundering reference to the National Accountability Bureau (NAB),” the interior minister said. He questioned the Sharif brothers about the “source of this money”. “I want to ask you only one thing: Tell me where did you get this money from? I will prove that this is the looted money of the poor.”

Brandishing documents, the minister claimed that all corruption cases against the Sharifs would be made public in the days to come.  He also presented some cheques before the media, which he claimed were given to different politicians in the Mehran Bank scam.  He claimed he had proof of corruption by the Sharifs and he would make some of them public in the coming days.

To a question, Malik admitted that he held the press conference in retaliation against PML-N’s demand for PM’s resignation as, according to him, he had always avoided taking up such cases against them (Sharifs) to uphold PPP's policy of reconciliation.

He said Leader of Opposition in NA ChaudhryNisar Ali Khan compelled him to do so. He alleged the PML-N wanted to topple the elected government.

Nawaz Sharif was the creator of the first NRO drafted under former president Farooq Ahmed Khan Leghari and both were beneficiaries of it when Benazir Bhutto's government was toppled, he alleged, adding that Nawaz Sharif made another NRO under President Pervez Musharraf and went to Saudi Arabia.  “Why did PML-N members take oath from President Pervez Musharraf in 2008? The Sharif brothers gave undertaking to Saudi Arabia that they would not oppose Musharraf.” Malik alleged that the money was secretly deposited to a bank account of a man, QaziMasood, and later it was transferred abroad while two currency dealers of Peshawar were also engaged.

He said the money was also sent to Saudi Arabia through the bank accounts of a Saudi national, Musa Ghani, and then transferred to other foreign accounts.

He said the Sharif brothers had 10 Swiss bank accounts and later the money from these banks was transferred to UK.

The minister said UK courts had given judgment against the Sharifs and a local court had also declared them defaulters. He claimed that he had all the record of the money trail of $32 million. Malik also revealed that ‘his life is in danger’.

Agencies add: Malik announced lifting of curfew and restoration of mobile service in Gilgit from Saturday night.