SARGODHA - All-Pakistan Muslim League (APML) workers got disappointed when former president (r) Gen Pervez Musharraf did not attend the phone call made to address an APML public meeting here the other day.

As per detail, All-Pakistan Muslim League activists took out a rally against lawlessness, inflation and power loadshedding. The rally participated by scores of the party workers was led by former federal minister Zahid Sarfraz. The rally started from Gillwala Chowk and concluded after marching through different city roads and bazaars. The APML activists also staged a sit-in at Shaheen Chowk.

On the occasion, the APML leaders repeatedly attempted to call their party chief  Musharraf on his cell phone but he did not attended the call(s), leaving the party workers in lurch who had come to listen to their. Later, former federal minister Zahid Sarfraz had to address the participants. He criticised the rulers for the prevailing worst scenario in country.