LAKKI MARWAT – Police on Saturday claimed to have resolved a blind murder case and arrested a man for throwing the dead body of a prayer leader on the bank of River Kurrum near Naserkhel village of Naurang Town.

A local police official said that on April 19, personnel of Shaheed Asmatullah Khan Khattak Police Station had found a burnt dead body of a man on the bank of River Kurrum. “The man was slaughtered, while the killers had also burnt the body,” he maintained.

He said that following the directives of DPO Ummar Riaz area police investigators launched a thorough investigation into the brutal murder incident after registration of a case against unknown culprits in Shaheed Asmatullah Khan Khattak police station of Naurang town. “During the course of investigation police officials came to know that the body was of a prayers’ leader Gul Wali Shah belonging to Sparli Kilay”, he told, saying: “The police investigators also learnt that a rickshaw driver took the dead body to the river bank and threw there”.

He added that the driver identified as Noman was arrested in a raid in connection with the murder of prayers’ leader.

Terming the arrest of Noman a great success the official said that rest of the killers would soon be brought to the clutches of law in the light of revelations made by the arrested rickshaw driver.