Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Sunday continued launching tirade against Sharif brothers by accusing them of ‘robbing’ country banks of over six billion rupees.

“To unearth the looted money I will present all documental evidences against Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif in courts. The nation has a right to know the truth, it could not be hoodwinked,” Malik said while speaking at a news conference at his residence here in Islamabad.

Malik said that the PPP reconciliation policy should not be taken as a weakness‚ but it is being exercised for the consolidation of democracy and in the best national interest.

The Interior Minister said he is talking with proof and documents and is ready to submit them in the courts against the misuse of funds and money laundering by the PML-N leadership.

He said when he would submit the facts to the courts against Sharif Brothers‚ and then he would also make them public. He asked Sharif Brothers that if they have any answers about his facts‚ they should come and tell the public.

Mr. Rehman Malik said that during the time of former President Pervez Musharraf‚ they were seeking relaxation from a dictator‚ which he has the proof to show. He said the people want to know about the embezzled money of Sharif Brothers and building of their empires in Raiwand and other places in and outside the country.

Mr. Rehman said that PPP is a national party and would not be pressurized by calling for Long March or other threats.

Malik claimed that London high court had declared Shahbaz Sharif a ‘defaulter’. He further added that Sharif brothers held meetings with officials of secret agencies during their exile period.

He threatened that PPP jiyalas would march against PML-N if they continued confronting with the ruling party. “We are not wearing bangles. PPP jiyalas from all over Pakistan will march to Riawind against Sharif brothers.”

About PPP’s relations with Imran Khan’s Tehrik-e-Insaf, who also called for Gilani’s resignation, Malik said “we have no conflict with PTI.”

On this occasion the Interior Minister issued a press note stating that the reaction and counter allegations by Senator Pervez Rashid to the news conference of Rehman Malik was confused. It said the Interior Minister would keep on exposing the corruption of Sharif Brothers.

It said that the Interior Minister has already instructed to send documents to NAB for further legal action. Mr. Malik asked Pervez Rashid to wait and see the outcome of the reference sent to NAB.

The press note asked PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif to first get yourself cleared from Supreme Court of charges of becoming part of the looted money by HBL and Younas Habib.

It said the Interior Minister would definitely approach the Supreme Court with new evidence.