Media has increased awareness among people on social issues. It has provided a platform for common man to raise his voice regarding any issue. If the government isn’t doing its job, than at least we have a free media to support the people. But we must keep in mind to what extent media is playing its role? Is it even effective? What message is being given to the general public?

If we analyze the different projects presented through media we will notice that slowly and gradually we are forgetting our own culture and heritage, and are allowing other cultures to enter our daily lives. Not only that, but also our ethics and religion have been compromised and we are moving to what we may term as modernization, but which in reality is westernization.

Now that we have numerous news channels, we are at the mercy of any tragic incident being over exposed, pictures and videos of the incident are played again and again, and finally it has desensitized the people. No one can deny the importance of media but there should be some restriction on what content is displayed as the whole family watches the news, including small children.


Karachi, April 20.