The lawyers acted wisely by remaining peaceful and not taking the law in their own hands, unlike the previous occasions on the appearance of General Pervez Musharraf (R) in the ATC on April 26. Some of the younger and aggressive black coats had designs to avenge themselves and teach the police and Rangers a lesson, for the treatment meted out to them a day earlier. On the other hand the law enforcing agencies, expecting the reprisal, had also equipped fully, and were prepared to face the worst. Any small provocation from the lawyers would have triggered a conflagration of the worst sorts and most probably to the detriment of the lawyers.

The lawyers, who were being viewed as the ‘untouchables’ by the judiciary had lost much of the sympathies of the citizens for their mafia like highhandedness on various occasions in the courts all over Pakistan. It is hoped that the ‘law abiders’ would always keep the above in mind and never in future take the law into their own hands.


Rawalpindi, April 27.