The ECP and the caretaker setup has tried to cleanse the electoral system of many of its impurities and might even hold them in a transparent manner; after all we have seen a large scale purge whereby a number of fake degree holders, tax evaders, crooks and thieves and the like were forced out of the electoral ring. However extraordinary this endeavour for transparency might seem, it would be of no use at all when the terrorists would be ruling over the streets in the run up to the election and with most ferocity on the election day, when even a small terrorist act would affect a nationwide election day turnout and result.

Karachi, is one such place that is becoming a hopeless case. But so is Peshawar and many other places that are being hit almost after every few hours. Three more bomb blasts shook Karachi on Saturday, while on Sunday two explosions targeting offices of the Election Commission in Peshawar killed eight people and left many others wounded. The attacks continue every day and with every hour some casualties are reported somewhere. Bomb explosions, target killings, ethnic, sectarian disturbances and TTP is the fate that seems far too powerful for any earthly power to contain. The police officials whether in Karachi, Peshawar or any other place are commonly seen dozing off in their patrol vehicles, or ducking out in the event of a shootout, while others make money at checkpoints, instances that add credence to the general cry that the force needs to be completely overhauled. Same is true of other departments concerned with law and order; the failure is collective. These are the grey areas that the parliament did not touch even though it had the power of legislation. A bill about counter-terrorism was passed but only in the last weeks of its tenure and worse was soon forgotten.

In the midst of this, prominent leader Imran Khan addressing a public gathering in Rahim Yar Khan made a startling appeal to terrorist elements, requesting them to put their destructive agenda on ice and wait till he came into power, 13 days after which they would find themselves satisfied and unmotivated to conduct further terrorist acts. This baffling piece of speech writing and the many questions it has raised, from Imran Khan’s connections to terrorist elements which prompt him to make such confident speeches is unfortunate.

His stated agenda and that of terrorists being one that in his own opinion is one that dovetails, to his shocking decision to mount this sympathy appeal to the terrorists when many politicians from other parties are paying in blood for running an election campaign a price that mercifully Mr Imran Khan and his candidates have not yet been petitioned for. Mr Khan would do well to chose his words a little more carefully. Such statements do not become him.