The roots of democracy are not strong enough to sustain any pressure from the establishment or the military forces. There is a obvious lack of coordination between the pillars of state and the democratic government is responsible for it. Instead of expressing their grievances, in front of media, regarding our military forces, the judiciary and other pillars of the state, the prime minister, being head of the government should call meeting of all institutions and refrain from giving unnecessary statements against the establishment. The security and progress of the country lies in mutual coordination and cohesion between the representatives of the masses, establishment and other pillars of the state. Prime minister has to use his authority according to democratic dictates. He should be able to control all institutions and safeguard the interests of the country to prove it a strong democratic country, keeping the constitution of country supreme. Pakistan cannot sustain any other confrontation among the institutions as the well being and prosperity of people and state lies in mutual coordination and sincerity between the institutions.


Balochistan, April 25.