DASKA-All the seven water fountains have been out of order for the last three years due to alleged negligence of Tehsil Municipal Administration.

The TMA had established these fountains in different Chowks of Daska city by spending Rs4 million to give beautiful look to the city during a special drive. The fountains now have been lying unattended and become breeding grounds for the mosquitoes and flies. Political, educational and religious circles have repeatedly brought the situation into the notice of the officials concerned but the admin has turned a blind eye to the issue.

The fountains located at public sites like a government school, Kutchery Chowk, Civil Hospital Chowk, Lorry Adda Daska and Chungi No 8 Daska may cause the spread of dengue and malaria.

With a fountain near Govt Girls Model High School Daska, the health of thousands of students and teachers is at risk as they have to pass through the entrance where the water remains accumulated. Three years have passed but the Daska TMA remained unable to depute staff for these water fountains.

When contacted, the officials said that the TMA had no funds to rectify these fountains. The local people expressed grave concerns over the critical situation.  They alleged that the TMA wasted Rs4 million which was spent on the establishment of these fountains. They said that the project was not properly planned due to which, these fountains were lying out of order. They suggested that the TMA should establish flower points at the fountains to avert the rapid growth of the mosquitoes and flies.