PESHAWAR - A Peshawar-based Engineer Dr Akhtar Khalil has developed an indigenous mobile technology  "My Smart Remote" which could avert car snatching and car lifting with the help of mobile application.

In interview with The Nation, Dr Akhtar Khalil said, "My Smart Remote" is a mobile application that provides enhanced car security and ability to control and monitor various car functions, including engine start, engine switch off, AC, heater, doors lock, unlock, trunk, panic, headlights and many more, from smart phone using Bluetooth technology.

Regarding various features of "My Smart Remote", he said that if someone tries to snatch your car, give him everything, including your mobile phone and keys, the car will switch off by itself after sometime if it is started by an unauthorised person.

He said with the help of anti-theft button, the owner can make his car secure if the vehicle is not in his region and the anti-theft button in this system is within the mobile application which will need a click for activation and deactivation. The virtual soft button can ensure security of the car, as unauthorised people would not have access to the vehicle car.

He maintained that it is a Password protected system and one should not fear losing of keys while in the current remote systems if one lose keys, people can easily make copies of them. He said that in the new system, the unauthorised persons would require the password, if the owner loses the mobile phone. He further informed, "With the help of this system you can cool down your car when it is parked in hot summer by turning on AC remotely from your mobile.

He explained that the technology has also a feature to warm up your car when parked in cold winter by turning on heater remotely from your mobile. Furthermore, he said, "there will be no fear of leaving keys inside car, you can take mobile from any of your friends or family members and start your car by giving password through this application."

Dr Akhtar said that there would be no need to carry bulky keys in your pocket that can potentially spoil your smart phone's screen.  "Changing your key is as simple as changing password - this helps you in limiting access of those who have kept a copy of your keys.  Making another copy of your key is as simple as downloading a free application from application store and using your car password," he added.

He remarked that prank feature allows you to prank with your friends and family members your existing physical keys and remote control will also be working with this system. The product can be installed in any car and is independent of loadshedding, GSM signals or Internet availability.

"Our product is low cost in the range of Rs15,000 to Rs30,000. Existing trackers of reputable companies are very costly in the range of Rs40,000 to Rs70,000 and also charge Rs20,000 to Rs35,000 as annual subscription charges but the new system provides many more features as compared to trackers and other security systems which are not successful," he added.

He said that product will be developed locally which will provide easy and convenience in maintenance, customisation, installation and warranties. He said that offers have been made to him from UAE and Arab countries and soon the product would have a high export potential. He said that commercial success of this project will encourage local research and development and technology creation which is the best way to create job opportunities instead of being only technology consumers which actually reduces jobs.

Dr Akhtar Khalil was born in Peshawar and completed his Bachelor in Electronics Engineering Degree from National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) in 2005 and his Ph.D in communication networks, from Loughborough University, UK in 2009.

During his stay in the United Kingdom, he attended more than 40 professional development courses. Dr Akhtar Khalil worked, as a principal investigator on many research and development projects mobile applications, information technology and electrical and electronics. Currently he is a Senior Consultant at iFahja Consulting Private Limited.