LAHORE  - Pakistan Railways Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique has fulfilled his promise and made the department a profitable organization within a given span of time.

These views were expressed by Pakistan Railways Prem Union Senior Vice President Sheikh Muhammad Anwar while talking to the media here.

He said the minister's hectic efforts were now bearing fruits and the department had shown over Rs 6 billion extra revenue generation, adding that at the year-end it was likely to mount Rs 7 billion.

He said the current fiscal year would prove to be the highest revenue earning year for the Pakistan Railways as it would likely to fetch more than Rs 28 billion during 2014-15, he added.

He said earlier corruption and mismanagement had driven the Pakistan Railways towards ruin as freight trains were also suspended across the country while half of passengers trains had been off track but steps of the minister had put it on a right track of profit.

He said the energetic minister had introduced restructuring and transparent mechanism in every field of the department and promoted honest officials to make it a financially sound entity.

He congratulated the minister for inaugurating nine  new loco-motives imported from China and put them on tracks and hoped that more locomotives scheduled to be arrived within few days in Pakistan would also help Pakistan Railways to restart suspended profitable routes and ensure timely arrival and departure of passenger trains, he added.