The world celebrates Labour Day on May 1, every year. The main purpose of this celebration is to remember that labourers are the most important part of our society and we should promote their rights, provide them with good wages and some humanitarian benefits. On this day rallies are taken out and parades and seminars are organized for public awareness that everyone should know that there is a force which works on daily basis, making our lives easier. They work on huge infrastructure, buildings, factories and many other places for our benefit.

Pakistan has a large manpower resource which makes it the ninth largest country in terms of human workforce. It is estimated that Pakistan has a labour force of 57.2 million. Most of our labour is deployed in agricultural, industrial and other sectors. Pakistan is a member of International Labor Organization (ILO). ILO is a special agency of United Nation which promotes the rights of labourers. Pakistan is a developing country but its labourers still don’t have any rights. The minimum wage is fixed at 10000, but due to lack of implementation, many live below the poverty line. Many prestigious and well-known companies do not abide by our labour laws. It is important, if we want to see Pakistan flourish, to help streamline our labour force and give them enough wages to make life bearable. The present government is again just full of air, their empty promises will not help our labour class, and they need medical coverage, life insurance and many more laws to bring them into the better earning group.


Lahore, April 26.