Los Angeles-She was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer last year, but has since been given a clean bill of health.

But now the producer of Valerie Harper’s former Broadway show Looped is suing her for not revealing that the terminal illness had returned.

According to TMZ, Matthew Lombardo has filed a lawsuit for $2m claiming the 74-year-old performer intentionally failed to notify them that the cancer had returned forcing them to have to find a last minute replacement.

The actress was in rehearsals for the national production of the play when she started having trouble remembering her lines and suffered from slurred speech in 2012, reported the website.

Lombardo reportedly told her to see a doctor which is when Valerie obtained the diagnosis and given months to live. Having to pull out of the production for obvious health reasons, Lombardo had to find a suitable replacement which he now claims cost him $500,000. The Broadway producer is also reportedly seeking another $1.5 million because of Valerie’s alleged negligence in telling them the lung cancer she had been battling since 2009 had spread to her brain. According to TMZ,  Valerie - who received a 2010 Tony Award nomination for portraying legendary actress Tallulah Bankhead in the production - had also previously filed a lawsuit against the show’s producers for allegedly failing to pay out the rest of her contract.

In a new interview, the talented actress recently revealed her prognosis has seen a remarkable improvement.

Harper’s recent cover of Closer Weekly claimed she was cancer free after being told a year ago she had only months to live.

But a day later the Rhoda star was asked to explain what she meant.

‘I want to thank Closer Weekly for giving me a chance to clarify my story and, more importantly, to address the headline which states that I am cancer free. I am not cancer free,’ the 74-year-old actress said.