It was calm saturday when the earth quake of magnitude 7.8 hit the capital of Kathmandu. This earth quake flattened homes, buildings and temples causing widespread damage across the region and killing more than 1800 people. Whole streets and squares in capital of more than 1 million people were covered in rubble.

I watched that one of the heritage places of Kathmandu called Dharahara tower collapsed. Along with the tower, ended the lives of 100 people trapped inside. It is the most worst affected spots and chances of finding alive people are very rare.

People come to this tower along with family members to have a picnic and that particular day was Saturday when the earth quake struck and buried more then 100 lives. The rescue work is on and machines are being used to clear the area. And it is expected that there might be many spots where people may be buried in mud.

In this difficult time of Nepal, we should stand with them, and pray for Nepal. We should assist Nepal as much as possible by sending aid and other things that they are in need of.


Karachi, April 26.