Hamartia is a term used by Aristotle in “Poetics” to define the mistake committed by protagonist (hero) that causes his downfall. In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, “to be or not to be, that is the question “, is mainly Hamlet’s flaw that lead to his tragic downfall. His indecision and procrastination to kill his wicked and villainous uncle brings about his own destruction.

Does the hero of this nation Imran Khan suffer from such kind of moral flaw that is gradually leading to his doomsday? In 1992, when under the leadership of Imran Khan, the Pakistani cricket team won the pride of World Cup. He was a declared hero of this nation. He started a campaign for Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital worldwide. Considering him a credible person, people from all over the world and especially the people of Pakistan came out generously to donate for the cancer hospital.

When Imran came into politics in 1996, people eulogised him and pinned high hopes on him. They considered him the right man as he was an Oxford graduate and thought he will be able to deal with social issues better than other political leaders. During the general elections in 2013, Imran succeeded only in making government in one province KPK in contrast to his expectations that his party will clean sweep PML-N in whole country. It was expected that he will bring some drastic changes in the province but it remained a day dream. Imran diverted his all attention towards the politics of dharnas and agitation.

As Imran opted for the politics of agitation, the disappointment of people started mounting. This dharna was no more than a gathering where music played, workers danced, Imran used abusive language for ruling party members. Every speech was ornamented with the slogan, “Go, Nawaz Go.” To his despondency, his slogan could do no magic. The workers of this party attacked parliament and PTV just to show their muscles but this was not a sport where energetic and physically powerful could dominate. In fact, to dominate politically, he had to show something practically which people could believe. The state suffered financial loss. The tour of the Chinese PM was cancelled. Official works in the Capital got disturbed and the graph of the popularity of PTI leader dropped.

The Panama Leaks once again created room for Imran to restart the politics of agitation with more vigour and passion. He thinks he has got another chance to oust PML-N from the corridors of power neglecting the fact that this power has been given by the people of Pakistan and in order to gain this power, he has to win the confidence of the people in the next general elections. Once again, he is demanding the resignation of PM. He gave his roadmap of protests including march towards Raiwind. But in his first speech on 24 April 2016, he backed out of his plan of marching towards Raiwind and apprised his workers that in his first journey to Lahore, he will restrict himself to Charing Cross Lahore. Again, his workers lost the enthusiasm that brought them together.

What all this suggests is though PTI is the third largest political party of Pakistan but it does not have any roadmap to present before the people of Pakistan. Only the politics of slogans cannot bring any change or force the PM to resign. Secondly, he should have presented KPK as an example for others to follow, but he has done nothing politically, socially or economically remarkable in a period of three years.

The people are fed up of empty slogans and enchanting words. Even a group of party’s founding members like Akbar S Babar and Saeedullah Niazi, his first cousin have been reported to demand the PTI leader Imran, to step down as Chairman to save the party from complete destruction. Most importantly his party leaders are at variance with each other that was witnessed on the occasion of its 20th Foundation Day as the party leaders departed for Islamabad in two small groups.

Before the accountability of others, Imran should have held himself accountable. He will have to be determined and define a clear cut policy framework to knit his workers closely together. Otherwise PTI will lose its remaining popularity and the story of this party would be nothing more than a tragi-comedy.