LAHORE - A 45-year-old robbery suspect ended his life by jumping off the Lohari police station , police claimed on Friday.

Muhammad Afzal was taken to the police station two weeks ago and since then, he had been tortured by cops, a source close to investigators said.

According to police, the deceased sustained multiple head injuries as he “jumped from the rooftop of the police station” in the Walled City.

“He was rushed to hospital where he died,” police said.  The statement however did not tell what the suspect was doing at the rooftop and how he got there.

A relative of the deceased claimed that police demanded Rs50,000 as bribe for the safe release of detainee.

He said on anonymity that the suspect was being subjected to police torture for hours on every night since his detention.

It was unclear how the victim reached the rooftop of the police building since he was in the lock-up. A Lohari Gate cop told reporters that Afzal was arrested by patrolling police when he was fleeing after snatching gold ornaments from a woman a few weeks ago. Later, he was handed over to the Lohari Gate police for investigation.  The police department has launched the probe into the death in custody. However, no action was taken, so far, against the policemen who were investigating the alleged robbery suspect.

The latest incident of “death in custody” has exposed the tall claims of the provincial government regarding reforms in the corruption-riddled law enforcing agency. Robbery suspects are routinely subjected to brutal torture by police during interrogation. Also, the police use third-degree methods during interrogation to extort money from crime suspects.