SHEIKHUPURA-Local people and the family members of 22-year-old Zubair, who allegedly died after suffering burn injuries during a police raid in Farooqabad, held a demonstration against the city police on Saturday.

The protesters blocked the traffic on Lahore–Sargodha Road for about 2 hours after burning the tyres. The deceased’s uncle Sheikh Tahir, a rice trader, while talking to media men said the police on the behest of one Abdul Haq raided his house midnight when the entire family was asleep in the courtyard and family could not open the door.

The police, he added, threw kerosene oil on the front door to harass the family. The flames went high and touched electricity wire which fell on his nephew Zubair who was electrocuted and died on the spot.

On the other hand, the Farooqabad police rejected the allegations, and said that Sheikh Tahir had to pay huge amount to the complainant who got a case registered against him.

The police went to the house to arrest him but the inmates after knowing the police presence sprinkled kerosene oil on the front door to stop the police which cause the mishap.

SP Asif Ameen reached the spot and got restored the traffic and also ensured the victim to initiate an inquiry into the incident.