Foreign Office Spokesperson Dr Mohammad Faisal has said that continued Indian crackdown, tear gas, shelling and caging innocent Kashmiri students on baseless pretexts shows the tragic reality of Indian-Held Kashmir being a police state.

In a series of tweets, Dr Mohammad Faisal said that detention of Kashmiri leaders and preventing them from protesting against Indian massacre exposes the farcical reality of Indian shame democracy.

In one of the two tweets, he also mentioned that, "Indian occupied Kashmir continues to bleed".

Earlier this month, FO spokesperson urged the international community to put pressure on India to stop the brutal activities in IHK.

He called upon the UN Secretary-General to appoint a special representative in IHK to monitor the situation.

He strongly condemned the brutal crackdown and despicable use of pellet guns on civilians protesting in the valley and said that such killings are deplorable.

He said the Kashmiris are struggling for their just right to self-determination and to get freedom from Indian occupation.

He also demanded of the international community to take notice of Indian inhuman atrocities and ensure the implementation of the resolution passed by the United National Security Council regarding granting the right of self-determination to the Kashmiri people.