In recent past Indian Air Force planes violated Pakistan’s air space but were forced to make a cowardly retreat by brave pilots of Pakistan Air Force. India has massed divisions of its armed forces including tanks along the border with Pakistan. It threatened to hit our cities with missiles.

If one has a glance of the world, the Muslim States are the target without any respect for the United Nations Charter. Examples are recent annexation of Golan Heights by Israel and daily massacre of Palestinians, killing of Kashmiris by India, the murder of Muslims in MALI (Africa), in Bosnia and Kosovo by Serbs. Similarly interventions in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan and Mali by America, European Countries. Israel and India have taken Muslims as soft targets and they are planning day and night for short and long-term policies for subjugation and cruelty on Muslims every day.

The reason for this quartile unity is the basic doctrine, which is the Judaic Christian Alliance for control of the world for the next one thousand years. This alliance believes that Muslims snatched 1000 years from Roman Christian civilization. They have decided that Muslim can live as states but they will not have any share in world politics. They have found a willing partner in the shape of India whose rulers want to kick from the sub-continent after they have lived in India for more than one thousand years.

Former POPE who belonged to Germany while addressing students of Berlin University remarked that the world was excellent under Roman Christian administration. There was no need or relevance of Islam. This is the doctrine, which is the background of the miserable state of Muslims in the world now.

Even Arab states are not realizing the danger of Indo Israel military alliance. Indian Prime-Minister Modi visited Israel about one year back and signed a massive purchase of military hardware, which is to be used ultimately against Pakistan. America, the European Union, and the world at large is not interested in finding any solution of Kashmir and Palestine problem.

In this scenario, Muslim states should work on creating a Rapid Response Muslim Force (RRMF) whose mission should be to stop tyranny against Muslims anywhere in the world. This (RRMF) should consist of armed contingents from historically brave martial races e.g. from Berbers of North Africa, from descendant tribes of Marabtins and Mowahidins of North Africa, Mauritania, Rift’ Mountains of Morocco, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Iran, and Indonesia.

The (RRMF) should have components of land, air, and naval forces. I wish some Muslim political leaders and military experts including our Prime Minister Imran Khan, President Tayyab Erdogan, Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, President Hussain Rouhani, President Wododo of Indonesia, Prime Minister Mahathir Muhammad of Malaysia and King of Morocco should work on this hypothesis.

If such a force was, present India will think hundred times before using pellet guns on unarmed Kashmiris and massing troops on borders of Pakistan. Similarly, Israel will also ponder before killing helpless Palestinians.


Sialkot, April 12.