Watergate Speech


April 29, 1974, maybe a day of reckoning in the American Presidential history. A day when President Nixon finally appeared on television to address the Watergate scandal. Nixon had announced white house transcripts to be released pertaining to Watergate. Nixon’s response came into an earlier subpoena that had been issued back in 1973. To justify the delay in response, Nixon was of the view that he is obliged to protect state secrets under his executive privilege. The president invited the house judiciary committee to review the tapes so that they can make sure that there is no omission of incriminating evidence.

Although Nixon had quoted executive privilege to withhold certain content from the tapes, the Supreme Court later ordered Nixon to turn in everything he had withheld earlier. It was one of those tapes where Nixon was heard ordering the FBI to end the investigation of Watergate Break-in. This particular incident was a smoking gun for Nixor and his associates. It was after four months of his Watergate speech that Nixon was able to avoid an impeachment trial by the Senate. He resigned and was the first president in American history to resign.

However, his immediate successor Gerald Ford pardoned Nixon for his crimes against the United States.