My sixth sense was compelling me to state that India must have had some central role in the recent multiple attacks in Sri Lanka. Perhaps Indian Prime Minister Modi will soon find himself heading another title- that of ‘Butcher of innocent Sri Lankans’.

It was shocking to note that PM Modi within minutes levelled the allegation of Sri Lanka attacks on Pakistan. In response to his allegations, I not only denied them but also asked a number of counter questions from PM Modi. This is what I had stated on the basis of my assessment: “Indian Prime Minister Modi through his war doctrine is trying to set a violent path to become SHO of the region, who doesn’t comprehend the role India played in engineering the terrorism in Sri Lanka wherein the Tamils Tigers were fully supported financially, morally and militarily,” “I foresee the act of India in this act of terrorism to energize the old friends Tamil,”. Moreover, I had also demanded from him an undertaking that he had nothing to do with Tamils and other terrorists in Sri Lanka. He has not responded till now, however, the Sri Lankan investigators have unearthed and made public that the terrorists and their group received military training in India.

PM Modi! You did it yet again as you simply cannot resist your performance as a trained militant despite being a Prime Minister of a State. You are emerging as a cannibal of this region as you have no value for human life. Let us examine few international and regional aspects: There are three largest religions based on population: Muslims, Christians and Hindus. The distribution of the religious population is such that 2.4 billion of people are Christians; 1.8 billion are Muslims whereas 1.5 billion are Hindus. This breakdown of the population is the real bug in the mind of PM Modi alias RSS-ian, as he wants the Hindus to dominate the globe.

PM Modi owes an explanation to the international community, as he now stands exposed for his hostile purposes and intentions referring to the training camps in India that trained Sri Lankan terrorists. Now that he has no way to hide his ill intentions, he will now have to face humiliation for putting the blame of his own nasty deeds on Pakistan.

I had my persistent point of view after the New Zealand attack that there would possibly be a counter attack somewhere in South Asia now as some countries here are soft targets. Modi chose this soft target to create a stride between Christians and Muslims, as one of the agendas of RSS. Sri Lanka had recently recovered from long episodes of terrorism, which turned into a civil war from 1983 to 2009. The end of the civil war brought stability in the country and created a boom in tourism for Sri Lanka due to the new stability, making Sri Lanka particularly vulnerable to an unsuspecting attack by India. The officials of Sri Lanka have described these Church bombings as “a new type of terrorism” but it was expected as the new trend is being set as a war between the civilisations.

I am on record stating that RAW / RSS imported Daesh concept and Daesh terrorists to IHK via Afghanistan. I had pointed out the presence of RSS Taliban to the then Indian Interior Minister Mr Chidambaram and its connections with local militants. It is coming true while PM Modi is getting exposed. The claim of Daesh has been confirmed on ground as the recovery and the profiles of the terrorists are typical as that of Daesh militants. Official information shows some strong links between some of the attackers and India:

Zahran Hashim, the founder of NTJ and the suspected ringleader of the attacks, is believed to have been the suicide bomber who struck the Zion Church in Batticaola. He is the mastermind behind Sri Lanka’s Easter Day bombings and was trained in India. It has been reported that Zahran Hashim spent substantial time in South India. Zahran Hashim being a leader of National Thawheed Jama’ut also had virtual links with youth believed to be of Indian origin.

Police also found the IS flag, the backdrop and the clothes the men wore for their video in the studio in the town of Sammanthurai, 370 kilometres (231 miles) east of the capital. The findings of the investigation clearly show a visible connection between RSS, RAW and ISIS.

After the deadly attacks were conducted on Sri Lankan Christians, Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said that his government would seek Pakistan’s help to trace the terrorists involved in the bombings and eliminate them. He also referred to the past when Pakistan had supported them in the war on terror against the terrorists during the Civil war, whereas India supported Tamil terrorists including smuggling of drugs via golden triangle and Indian airports.

The record of Interpol is testimony to this disclosure of mine.

The Indian media’s effort to play the “Pakistan card” was bound to happen sooner than later. It was only a matter of time before the Indian media predictably blamed Pakistan for the Sri Lanka terror attacks on behalf of BJP and started supporting the fake statement of PM Modi till I countered him reminding him of the role of India in support of Tamils and other terrorists from Sri Lanka. Now India stands fully exposed after the discovery of terror camps in India for Sri Lankan Militants.

As it is election time in India, Modi is doing his best in his efforts to garner votes by igniting fire against Pakistan. Just like what he did after Pulwama, Modi engineered the Sri Lanka incident to create unrest and at the same time use any excuse to attack Pakistan.

PM Modi you could not dare attack Pakistan on Pakistani border but you engineered a blast in Quetta which resulted in a massacre of our navel officials through your paid agents in Baluchistan via Iran. Your covert evil designs are continuing and now you have replicated your war doctrine in Sri Lanka as rightly predicted by me in my book ‘Modi’s War Doctrine’.

PM Modi! You owe the answers to the following questions to your people, to Pakistan, as well as the International community. I as an analyst hereby give a charge sheet to you, to RSS and to RAW for abetting terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka in collaboration with ISIS/Daesh, duly trained on your soil.




01. Can you explain to the world since when have you been training terrorists from Sri Lanka?

02. The available evidence in Sri Lanka and the claim of Daesh confirms that these terrorists were trained in India. Can you deny that?

03. The main terrorists are from Daesh and they were trained in India. This fact is enough to prove that you are a partner in terrorism with Daesh. Can you deny this fact?

04. When did you import Daesh to India and how are you using the terror group in Kashmir?

05. I had predicted on 21 April 2019 that the Sri Lanka attacks have been done by trained terrorists from India. Can you deny this training to Daesh / Sri Lankan terrorists?

06. You have been blaming Pakistan for terrorist training camps but on the contrary, you have been caught red-handed for training terrorists. Will you apologise to Pakistan for your false allegations?

07. Will you apologise to your people for endangering their lives because of your militant policies against neighbours?

08. Will you now ban RSS for being a terrorist organization?

09. Will you apologise openly to the people of Sri Lanka for abetting this massacre?

10. Your defeat by Pakistan post-Pulwama had you commenting that it was a trailer and a big film is coming. Is the Sri Lankan attack a full film or should we expect some even bigger attack from India?

11. Will you accept a live acting role if I make a movie on your brutalities in Kashmir and India as Commander-in-Chief of RSS?