LAHORE   -     The Opposition is all set to agitate the issue of its suspended MPAs as the Punjab Assembly resumes its sitting today after a two-day break.

It would be a stormy sitting if the Opposition decides to take part in Assembly’s proceedings. It may also decide to boycott the remaining session but a final decision would be made in the parliamentary party meeting scheduled before start of the sitting on Monday.

Deputy Speaker Sardar Dost Mohammad Mazari had suspended the Assembly membership of three PML-N lawmakers on Friday last as they were protesting inside the House over Government’s alleged move to pass the new local government bill without taking the Opposition on board.

Meanwhile, Punjab Minister for Law, Parliamentary Affairs and Local Government Raja Basharat has asked the Opposition to support the government for passing Local government Bill which, according to him,  empowered the people at the grass root level.

In a statement, Raja Basharat said that the opposition had no right to deprive the government of its constitutional right of legislation. He said”, “the Treasury has always tried to run the legislative business by taking the opposition along and we expect a positive attitude on Monday when LG bill will be tabled for approval”.

The Minister said that new LG law did not belong to one party; rather, it was reflective of the aspirations of the public which needed political as well as financial autonomy. “These gifts of democracy are rightly ensured in the proposed LG law.” Basharat said, adding that once the new law is approved, each village and Mohallah would have its own powerful local body. The minorities, he added, would be able to elect their own representatives from within their own community for the first time in country’s history. “The elimination of District and Union Council will back the process of real change at lower level,” he said, adding that the new law ensured independence of new local bodies from the district administration’s interference.