1. We should make sincere repentance in front of Allah for the sins of the past.

2. Plead Allah to make it easy for us to change our lives completely.

3. Clean our hearts for each and every person who has wronged us and forgive our worst enemies.

4. Immerse our philosophy of life in the knowledge of Allah and His messenger who know about everything much more than we do.

5. Empty ourselves from all actions based on ego and show-off.

6. Disconnect ourselves from the materialistic rate race of the modern age.

7. Read about the lives of saints, sages, Sufis & great Islamic scholars so we learn what is spirituality and how far we are from it.

8. Find a mentor/guide/teacher/Shaykh/Peer/Murshad who has already traversed the spiritual path and can take us directly to Allah’s proximity and the Holy Prophet’s imitation.

9. The highest virtue is love and we cannot love Allah without loving our fellow human beings.

10. Beg Allah to accept us for doing some service to Islam before we die.