ISLAMABAD - Since the CCI`s meeting was not preferred to create harmony among provinces to deal with COVID-19, Minister IPC Fehmida Mirza asked provinces to come forward and play its role to create harmony in crisis time.

There should have been consensus among provinces to fight against COVID-19 pandemic, said Minister IPC Fehmida Mirza, talking to The Nation. The provinces have lack of unity on  lockdown and other related matters since the spread of Corona virus in the country, she said. The Parliamentary Committee on coronavirus has also twice discussed in length about lack of unity among provinces on different matters, she added.

Minister said that this novel war against corona can be won with collective efforts.  Combined efforts are necessary to avoid further spread of deadly virus,she said. The government  had no plan to call Council of Common Interests (CCI) meeting as once it was proposed by Minister IPC Fehmida around two months before.  The Minister had suggested  Prime Minister Imran Khan for creating unity among provinces to mutually defeat Coronavirus [COVID-19] in the country.

This proposal was floated after heated debate among the provinces amid the blame-game for improperly dealing with coronavirus crisis.  The proposal for calling CCI was also floated in the meeting of Parliamentary Committee on coronavirus attended by all the representatives of Parliamentary political parties.  Political gurus viewed that the meeting of CCI is normally called to resolve the misunderstanding between provinces on any matter.

Around 2/3 members of committee can also submit requisition to bound the chairman of committee to immediately call the meeting. They said the CCI meeting had been called in past in crisis time to work jointly.