LAHORE - Inspector General of Police Punjab Shoaib Dastagir said that provision of better security to foreigners especially to Chinese experts working over CPEC and other developmental projects is the top priority of Punjab Police therefore, officers and officials of Special Protection Unit (SPU) should work and perform their duties with more commitment, hard work, high alert and diligence whereas the officials deployed over sensitive projects should be briefed by their concerned duty incharges regarding sensitivities of their duty on daily basis.  He further said that Departmental promotion is the fundamental right of those SPU officials who have merit, seniority and good character and they should be promoted without any delay by ensuring all necessary steps so that the officials may work with more hard work and commitment. He further said that promotion of dutiful officials is not only a fundamental right but also a Departmental prize for a good performance, therefore, the officials should be given their due right by regularly holding promotion board session.  He further added that, in the view of different challenges posed to SPU officials, new SOPs should be formed for the SPU officials deputed over security of CPEC projects in which there should be clear guidelines under comprehensive strategies for compensation of difficulties so that every possible facility could be provided to the officials.