LAHORE - National Assembly Opposition Leader Shehbaz Sharif has slammed the anti-Muslim and Islamophobic campaign and mob violence against Muslims by India’s ruling BJP Government. In a statement on Tuesday, PML-N President said, BJP is an extremist, narrow minded, prejudicial and racist Hindutva terrorist RSS inspired party. This party is abusing state power to oppress and exterminate all minorities especially Muslims, he said. He said: “This BJP is working on the agenda of ethnic cleansing of minorities, particularly Muslim of India. The desecration of Babri Mosque, Muslim massacre in Gujrat, Samjhota Express tragedy and the discriminatory Citizenship Act are some of the examples of the BJP’s mindset. And now Muslims are being blamed for the spread of covid-19 in India, which has led to Muslims worship places, their mosques and homes being targeted.” Shehbaz said Narendra Modi’s government is walking in Adolf Hitler’s footsteps and is targeting Muslims just the way Hitler targeted Jews. He urged the UNSC and the international community, world human rights organisations should come together to stop Indian Government from this mass murder of Kashmiris by the Indian forces. He said that the US, Britain, European Union and others should guard the Kashmiris against these brutalities and tyranny of the Indian government.