According to the details, a notification has been issued from the Registrar’s Office of Balochistan university, in which students of Balochistan university have been instructed to wear uniforms from March 1, 2020.

Otherwise, they will not be allowed to enter the university premises. It should be noted that a specific shop name for the uniforms has been given that the University’s uniform will be available only from there.

Following the notification, the students reacted angrily and raised their voice against this notification.

It is a bitter truth that wearing uniform at university of Balochistan would be implemented for business, not for equality.

About ten thousand students are currently studying at University of Balochistan and, the cost of their uniforms will exceed to two crore annually.

People who say that wearing uniform is a good move, the poor and the rich get united. One should also think that the poor used to wear a pair of cloth and, he wore them to the university, market, house and also wore the same cloth to work.

Now, in uniform, they have to leave home from university, then change the uniform and go back to work and, have to wash the uniforms after every two days.

The rich students would buy five or six pairs of uniforms and, wear a new one every day but, what about the poor?

To sum up, I request high officials of education to not implement wearing uniform at university of Balochistan because, it is not equality, it is a business and, it will be a damnation for the poor.