ISLAMABAD - The government has shut down the Federal Ministry for Planning Development and Special Initiative till Monday after one of its officers tested positive for coronavirus. “In view of prevailing situation, as a precautionary measure, the premises of Block P will be fumigated/ disinfected immediately,” said a circular issued by the Ministry of Planning Development and Special Initiatives here Tuesday. “To prevent any hazardous impact of the fumigated/disinfected spray on the health of the employees, the offices of the Ministry will therefore remain closed for 2 days i.e 29th and 30th April 2020 respectively,” said the circular. Although the Ministry has announced a two-day closure but since the first of May is a national public holiday followed by weekend therefore the Planning Ministry will now be open on May 4 (Monday). Official sources told The Nation that the Ministry was closed after one of the Deputy Chiefs of Education Section of Planning Commission was tested positive for coronavirus. Two days ago, the Deputy Chief came to office, the source said. It is pertinent to mention here that in recent days the government had closed down the Ministry of Housing, Petroleum Division (Ministry of Energy), Petroleum House, and NEPRA after cases of coronavirus were detected among their staff.