Islamabad                        -                  Shaniera Akram, wife of former Pakistani cricketer Wasim Akram, has expressed hope that Pakistan will beat the novel coronavirus soon. Shaniera was commenting on a tweet of Wasim Akram. The former skipper had raised a question: “One by one, nations across the world are going to lift their lockdown restrictions. We need to ask ourselves, Do we want to be one of these leading countries? #WeCanBeatThis #TogetherApart #CoronaVirusPakistan #StayHome.”

Responding to this, Shaniera said, “Yes we do!!! #PakistanCanDoIt #BeatCoronaVirus.”

Earlier, she had urged people to stay home to save  lives amid the coronavirus lockdown.

Shaniera said, “The more you see people out, the faster the virus spreads, the fuller our hospitals get.”

She further said if people did not avoid social distancing there will be a “stricter closure of businesses and the greater our people will suffer besides the longer we will stay locked down.”