KARACHI                   -                The Pakistan People’s Party provincial government has forwarded Sindh Corona Relief Ordinance to Governor Sindh Imran Ismail for the approval. The corona relief ordinance sent to the governor was duly signed by Murtaza Wahab. The ordinance will be enforced in the province after the governor’s signature.

On Monday, the Sindh Cabinet had approved Coronavirus Emergency Relief Ordinance aimed at providing relief to the people amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to a new ordinance, it would be mandatory for school owners to reduce fees by 20 percent. Besides, the rent of the houses would also be decreased.

Similarly, under the Corona Relief Ordinance, it had been mandatory that the private sector would not be able to sack or terminate their employees. In addition, private companies would also be liable to pay salaries to their employees on time.

Taking to Twitter, Murtaza Wahab had said that ordinance passed by Sindh Cabinet was meant to address extraordinary situation emerged after the deadly virus outbreak.

“The ordinance guarantees employees don’t get fired and get their salaries. Utility bills to a certain extent have been exempted, schools have been directed to give 20% discount due to lesser overheads,” he had said.