Peshawar                      -               Water and Sanitation Services Peshawar (WSSP) is being disposing of one-and-a-half tons waste from quarantine centers and houses of Covid-19 affected patients daily.

Since the outbreak of corona virus, the sanitation company has been working day and night to contain spread of the pandemic. It collects waste from around 40 houses whose owners or family members are tested corona positive. Besides, it also collects waste from Dauranpur, Shahi Bala and Fort Continental Hotel.

As per data, WSSP collects waste from 19 houses located in different union councils and the three quarantine centers in Zona A. Similarly, waste is collected from houses of over a dozen patients in Gulbahar, Ganj, Yakatoot, Kohati, Sikandarpura and other localities Zone B are disposed of.

The company also disposed of waste from houses of Covid-19 affected patients in Zone C and D as well as of 320 patients currently housed in Shahi Bala Quarantine Center.