It is hard to feel the pain cancer patients go through unless you are a witness to their ordeal. I got the opportunity do so for six weeks during my internship at Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital under a volunteer programme recently started by the organisation. Their main idea was to create a child-friendly hospital environment where students from different schools get to spend time with young cancer patients, offering companionship to them. I was assigned to supervise the volunteers in chemo-bay where patients come for the chemo-injections. Watching children crying in pain in the kids' ward was a terrifying experience that caused great emotional distress. At that moment, I felt very blessed for having a healthy, normal life. The sadness in the eyes of parents and the little ones made me so passionate that I could do anything to cheer them up. We made a play area in the corridor of the chemo ward where all those who were injected or waiting for their turn would come and take part in various games and activities. Some played Luddo, others liked coloring while some children had fun making paper dolls and hats with volunteers. Come to SKMT and your perspective of life would surely change just as mine changed completely. -AYESHA TARIQ, Lahore, via e-mail, August 26.