Whenever an effort is made to establish cantonments in Balochistan and Swat, a group of people vehemently opposes it. Their point of view is that the Army is trying to establish footholds in their areas. When the issue is discussed and argued at length, though, they have no arguments why they think so. It is very necessary for the people to understand that if some measure is taken for their own welfare, they should unreservedly support it. Establishment of cantonments in any area is a blessing as it brings prosperity and security to that area. There are so many other benefits besides. Today, the issue of security is becoming the foremost almost everywhere. In a cantonment area, there is a proper security system to address that need. The cantonment security is not only for the forces personnel and their families but is available even to the civilians living or visiting a cantonment. They can always access the necessary protection whenever there is threat of any nature to their lives or property. When the construction process starts, the local people get jobs, which is again a benefit to the common man. The children of civilians also get to benefit from the excellent educational network in cantonments. The civilians are also provided the facility of shopping from CSDs or welfare shops, which have good quality items at subsidized cost. The people need to understand the positive role cantonments play in nation building and maintenance of law and order. -ANWAR PARVEEN, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, August 21.