The PCB has a highly developed skill for making promises and then breaking them. The chairman had in a moment of largesse promised the Sri Lankans three world class pitches in the oldest and most prestigious school in Sri Lanka. The Pakistani High Commissioner to Sri Lanka has been trying to get the chairman to fulfil his promise but to no avail, as reported in a section of the press. The High Commissioner has now written to the Pakistan Foreign Office and informed them of this development, wherein he has pointed out that "the foreign minister of Sri Lanka has spoken to the High Commissioner twice in the past month on this subject." When the whole world had unanimously decided to boycott Pakistan, the Sri Lankans were the only country to agree to play in Pakistan, at Karachi and Lahore. For this we the people of Pakistan were very grateful as we were relieved to find that we were not Pariahs, and we did indeed have a friend. To convince the Sri Lankans the PCB promised the highest (presidential) level of security, On the day of the Match there was no security in sight and the teams were sent to the stadium. This lapse by not confirming the security arrangements allowed the attack on the visitor's bus, and cost the precious lives of eight policemen If it had not been for the brave action of the bus driver the Lankan team would have suffered far worse injuries. The PCB is making a habit of breaking promises, and now the Pakistan Foreign Office is also being dragged into a controversy of their own making. Pakistan is already considered to be as the most dangerous place in the world, and we need the support of as many country's as we can muster. To treat the current world champions in such a shoddy manner, is indeed shameful, and through this column I would like to express my heartfelt regret to the Sri Lankan team and the People of Sri Lanka for the grief caused to you. I must also thank your team for the bravery in coming to Pakistan - when no one else would. This should have been the turning point of cricket in Pakistan, and the match in Lahore could have been a great game between two worthy contestants. Equally deserving of the winner's laurel. It would have been a great match, with a colourful Lahori crowd, and the chance of showing the world that Pakistan was capable of hosting such matches. We lost all that due to the security lapse by people not doing their jobs. Not to mention the precious lives wasted away. Pakistan had much more at stake, for we were already isolated, on the travel advisory of most nations, as the country to be avoided. Tourism was at a standstill - even expatriates would ring to check the security status. Our two countries have a surfeit of talent and both countries are gifted as being naturals. The timing of Jayasuriya and Afridi is the stuff of legends. Afridi with his fastest century in 37 deliveries. Bettering Jayasuria's 100 in 47. When compared to giants such as Viv Richards and Dexter who were well known for their hard-hitting, Jayasuria with his incredible timing could flick the ball off his toes for six making it look like child's play. Your brave nation has suffered a traumatic and painful War of Terror, so you will feel the pain that we are going through. This shared pain serves to make both of us try that much harder, making the victory so much sweeter. And as current world champions your friendship is important and valuable to the Pakistani people. The isolation that we are currently going through will pass, and we shall emerge as a stronger country, and as we are championship material we hope to see you in the finals next year. The writer is a political analyst