ISLAMABAD - Despite the passage of more than three months, the authorities concerned have failed to vacate the main artery of the city occupied by the minorities. Some 100 days have been completed of occupying the main artery by encroachers, who are presenting themselves as affectees; nothing has been done by quarters concerned to vacate the road, which 'proves efficiency of the government. The main road of the city occupied by the people, whom camps located in Chak Shahzad had been demolished by CDA officials on May 18. Following the CDA operation, they shifted to Sector G-7 and established makeshift camps on the green belt at Shah Abdul Latif road. Later, to avoid any fatal accident the government placed number of barricade at the artery on temporary basis and it was considered that matter would be resolved within two weeks but after the lapse of 100 days, the artery is yet to be freed. A number of barriers, sewerage, children while playing on road are not only becoming impediment in smooth flow of traffic but also expose the government that how it is efficient to resolve any minor issue. During the visit of Shah Abdul Latif road, residents of the area as well as motorists opined plethora of complaints against the establishing of camps at the green belt and over-placing barriers on the road. It is pertinent to mention here that this road is a busiest road of the city where public service vans of route No 24, ('Secretariat to Pirwadahi) ply. Motorists and locals of the area demanded of the officials concerned to vacate the area and remove barricades so that they could take a sigh of relief as well as artery could regain its beauty. Talking to TheNation, Muhammad Rafiq said that he was living very next to camps, adding that these camps have become headache for the locals and motorists. He recalled the days of joys when he and his family members had a walk and drive on road freely. A housewife Sadia Ali said, Why CDA, Islamabad Traffic Police and other officials concerned are not paying heed and keep mum over this crucial issue, she questioned. She said that some political activists were exploiting the miseries of these unfortunate people for their political motives as they were consoling them that finally government would give them alternative accommodation. It is relevant to note here that several protest demonstrations have been staged as well as dozens of rallies have been brought out by the affectees of Chak Shahzad to press the government to resolve the issue but the authorities yet to settle the matter.