ISLAMABAD - The approval of the Child Protection Bill goes again in jeopardy, as the Cabinet Division has returned the document to the Ministry of Social Welfare and Special Education with the objection that it has not obtained formal approval from the Finance Division. The delay in formal approval of the policy has disappointed the Ministry, as it wants to get the same approved before Ministrys delegation leave to attend the session of the Committee on the Rights of Child that is constituted under the UN Convention on the Rights of Child. The meeting of the committee is scheduled on September 28 in Geneva and Secretary of Social Welfare and Director of National Commission for Child Welfare and Development (NCCWD) will represent Pakistan in it. The Ministry is very much concerned to get approval of all three documents related to childrens rights. As Pakistan in its third and fourth periodic detail progress reports submitted to the UN Committee on the rights of the child has stated that the Ministry has moved the Child Protection Policy and Child Protection Bill and National Commission on the Rights of the Children Bill before the cabinet The objection imposed by the Cabinet is linked to a major lacuna in the policy, said a Ministry official while talking to TheNation. Unfortunately the flaw cannot be addressed or removed form the policy, as it is related to the governments child specific budgeting, which is not being done in Pakistan, he added And due to the absence of a separate Ministry on child rights the government cannot allocate separate budget regarding childrens issues. While commenting on the unnecessary delay the officials termed it red-tapism culture and said such minor issue should not be considered while approving matter of such a great importance. The government of Pakistan ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1990, which bound it to implement the recommendations of the CRC in its national policies, legislation, programmes, and plans of action. Keeping in mind the limited scope and ambiguity of the existing laws implemented in the country to provide protection to the children vulnerable to violence, sexual abuse and exploitation. The government decided to formulate a National Child Protection Bill and later for effective and speedy implementation of the proposed Bill the National Child Protection Policy was drafted. The National Child Protection Policy will be extended all over the country whereas the Child Protection Bill will be implemented only in Islamabad Capital Territory. The policy seeks to provide requisite statutory status to the NCCWD for effectively performance, supervision and coordination of child rights matters.