NEW DELHI (APP) - Sporadic exchanges of fire between the Indian and Chinese armies have been reported in Sikkim since Tuesday. The 'Hindustan Times quoting a senior Defence Ministry official in Kolkata said, Clashes have taken place at Nathula Pass some 54 km east of Sikkims capital Gangtok. Indias Eastern Command is based in Kolkata. The official further said, The gun-battle intensified during the early hours of Wednesday. There are, however, no reports of any death or serious injuries. However, the Indian Ministry of Defence in statement has denied any shooting in Sikkim. The daily quoting the official further said that all civilian traffic had been stopped. However, the Defence Ministry statement said the roads had been closed in the area because of landslides. The skirmish caused concern as at a special joint meeting in New Delhi both sides reaffirmed their resolve to strengthen the existing friendship, the official said. China and India recently held a meeting here to discuss the boundary issues.