LAHORE - Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer said on Friday that democracy was the only ray of hope for Pakistan, as all other experiences of ruling the country had failed to deliver. Addressing a conference on National Unity and Democracy in Pakistan at Governors House here, Taseer said democracy was the only binding force among the federating units, and dictatorship could not unite the country. NWFP, Governor, Awais Ahmad Ghani, Editor-in-Chief, Nawa-i-Waqt and The Nation, Majid Nizami, MQM leader, Wasim Akhtar and former Law Minister, Dr. Khalid Ranjha addressed the conference. The event was followed by a sumptuous iftar dinner, which was attended by PPP legislators, district nazims and elite of the City. Terming 1973 Constitution a basis of democracy, the Governor said that the agreed document embodied democratic spirit of Pakistan. He said difference of opinion among political parties was the beauty of democracy, and it should not be construed from diverging views of political leaders that the system was not workable. We have witnessed many systems including basic democracies and dictatorships in the past, but democracy seems to be the only solution left for all problems facing the country, he observed. Taseer urged all political parties to sit together to resolve national issues in spirit of national unity and reconciliation. He asked them to keep national interest supreme over trivial differences, which, he said, could also be sorted out through dialogue. The Governor on this occasion paid tributes to President Asif Ali Zardari for uniting all political forces against terrorism. He also remembered Benazir Bhutto (Shaheed) for the services she rendered for the cause of democracy in Pakistan. He said 'Friends of Pakistan forum was recognition of a democratic Pakistan at the world level. Majid Nizami in his address impressed upon all political forces to make Pakistan a democratic and welfare state in which the poor get roati, kapra aur makan (food, clothing and shelter). He said Pakistan was created for the poor and not for Wadairaas and Jagirdars. Majid said he was fighting war of democracy since the advent of first dictator in the country. He recalled that he was in London when first dictator took over power in Pakistan and his elder brother was first casualty of his dictatorship. Since that day I am fighting war of democracy, he told the audience, while adding that his struggle will continue till the country is made a democratic and Islamic welfare state. He said this country was created in the name of Islam through democratic means, and he wanted establishment of pure democracy in this land of the pure. Majid Nizami criticised PML-N chief Mian Nawaz Sharifs decision to withdraw from the federal cabinet last year, saying that his approach to the issue was wrong. He, however, appreciated Nawaz Sharifs gesture that his party would not destabilise the federal government. Speaking on the occasion, Awais Ghani said that present day States were considered an 'Established Order, whose disruption led to social disintegration. Giving example of Iraq, he said that during repressive regime of Saddam Hussain, there might be few causalities every year compared to the post-Saddam period in which one million people died in six years. He attributed these large-scale deaths to disturbance in the Established Order. Same happened in Afghanistan, he added. He said it was vital to maintain an Established Order in the country. Talking about military operation in troubled areas of NWFP, Ghani said that all no-go areas-Swat, Bajaur , Bara and Durra Adam Khail were back to Pakistan. He said Peshawar was also safe where normalcy had returned. We have been able to reverse the tide in our favour as terrorists are now on the run, he informed, adding, We have turned around but a long journey was facing ahead. Making a comparison of ratio of casualties among the soldiers and the officers in World War-II and the current war on Terror by Pakistan Army, the Governor from frontier province disclosed that in case of the former, the ratio of officers death was recorded at seven per cent compared to 19 per cent in case of the latter. He said senior army officers were leading their soldiers from the front in the war against terrorists. Narrating a tale of gallantry by army jawans in South Waziristan, Awais Ghani said that 247 jawans got stranded in Ludha Fort for two months last winter, but repulsed 18 attacks from terrorists surrounding the fort despite low ration supplies and ammunition. He stressed the need for launching battle of ideas along side battle of arms against the terrorists who were misleading people in the name of holy jehad. Taking about issues of governance in the country, he said country needed an obedient and cooperative bureaucracy instead of the subservient one to cope with administrative issues in an efficient manner. He said that premature postings and transfers of officers would not serve any purpose. He said that being a nuclear state, We should not be on the back foot, while dealing with world nations. We should not be apologetic for being a nuclear state, he affirmed. MQM leader Wasim Akhtar said that unity among political parties was need of the hour as country was victim of terrorism both from inside and outside. He said all political parties have committed mistakes in the past, but it was time that all should get united setting aside petty differences. Instead of identifying ourselves as Balochis, Pathans, Sindhis, Mahajirs and Punjabis, we should become Pakistanis, he asserted, adding, We should not rake up old scores by indulging in blame game. He said it would be like flogging the dead horse to revive the old enmities. He asked Nawaz Sharif to shun power politics, and instead, do the politics of masses. He also stressed on PML-N leader to support the present Government on all national issues. Wasim urged unity among politicians to keep off the army from interfering in politics. Talking about Musharrafs trial, he asked PML-N leadership to back out from this demand, as nothing was going to happen on this count. You are not in a position to do any harm to Musharraf, so dont waste your time in this useless adventure, MQM leader advised PML-N leaders. If you have the courage to take on Musharraf, go ahead; but you wont succeed, Wasim challenged Nawaz Sharif. The MQM leader also urged judiciary to take up pending cases of the poor instead of focussing on two per cent cases of the ruling elite. He said local government system should not be rolled back; rather, it should be improved by removing flaws in it. Dr. Khalid Ranjha in his speech called for an end to deprivations of people in Balochistan by giving them their due rights. As Ranjha reached the podium to deliver his speech, a former PPP legislator, Zia Ullah Bangash stood up and objected to his presence in Governors House. Some party workers present on the occasion also supported his stance.