ISLAMABAD - The Federal Shariat Court (FSC) Friday directed for providing mating facilities to prisoners with their spouses and said that the provision of A, B and C classes to the prisoners were not against the Islamic injunctions. The FSC delivered the historic 290-pages verdict in a petition filed by Dr Aslam Khaki against the un-Islamic provisions in the jail regulations. The court referred to 350 verses of the Holy Quran and 64 judgments of the higher courts in the verdict. The judgment said that the relaxation given under Section 382 (B) of the CrPC would be applicable to all the convicts alike while the sentence would include the period of the trial. The judgment said that a person would be declared as a prisoner of death sentence only if the High Court or the Federal Shariat Court upholds his sentence. The court also declared non-provision of the standard living facilities to such prisoners as un-Islamic. The verdict said that there should be arrangement in the jail that a spouse of a prisoner jailed for more than five years might remain for some days with him or her. The court also directed that the prisoners should be given right to appeal against the discretionary powers of the Superintendent of the respective jail. The judgment also said that there should be proper place near the jail premises where the prisoners could meet their relatives. The court also directed that salaries of the jail staff should be brought at par with those of the police and ordered that prisoners should be given Rs 100 per day for food as against Rs 33, which the court said were too little given the prevailing price hike. The judgment also said that keeping continuous check on the prisoners was against the Islamic injunctions. The court also pointed out 32 more flaws in jail regulations and directed for removal of the same.