Indian National Security Advisor MK Narayanan has said India will not resume the composite dialogue until it will see concrete evidence that Pakistan has acted against terrorism. In interview to an Indian newspaper Narayanan said that the leaders of India and Pakistan were agreed for it in their meeting at Sharm el-Sheikh.That position remains. I dont see any change in that position at any time, Indian national security advisor said. Replying a question about the nuclear deal with United States, the Indian national security top official said that India will file a declaration in the IAEA. We are taking things cautiously, doing things step by step. If we take a step we cannot retrace that would make things difficult. Weve now reached a stage when we are comfortable and we will file the declaration. And we will fill in the Annexure, which is part of the Separation plan. Once you enter into an international agreement we do not back out. The declaration is the final step as far as the IAEA is concerned. With the US, discussions are underway on the reprocessing agreement under 6(iii) of the 123 agreement.