TEHRAN (Reuters/AFP) - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Friday called for the prosecution and punishment of the leaders of unrest that erupted after his disputed re-election. Ahmadinejad also renewed the Islamic republics allegations that Britain sought to overthrow the regime. The leaders and the main elements behind the unrest should be dealt with most firmly, Ahmadinejad told Juma prayers at Tehran University. The President said those caught up in the unrest should be freed, but the leaders should face justice. These deceived figures should enjoy Islamic clemency. But dont give immunity and protection to the main elements, he said in a speech broadcast live on state radio. Those from lower ranks and the ones who were deceived should be treated with Islamic compassion, Ahmadinejad said, drawing chants of riot leaders should be executed from the worshippers who, raising their fists in air, also shouted, Death to America Death to Israel . Despite all pressures to force reformists and fair and wise people out, we should remain on the scene. Ahmadinejad claimed that the foreign minister of the old coloniser - David Miliband - had told the foreign minister of a country friendly to Iran that this time we are doing a precisely-planned job and want to finish the Islamic republic. He did not identify the second country but again accused global powers of having overtly interfered in Irans affairs which has ruined their reputation in world arena. I am telling you (world powers) to be angry and die of this anger, the Iranian President added in his address at Tehran university. Iran jailed several prison guards and vowed to prosecute them but the President on Friday pointed an accusing finger at Irans foreign enemies and the overthrowing movement over attacks on university dormitories and prisoner abuse. What happened in the dorms and detention centres was part of the enemys scenario carried out by the dependants of the overthrowing movement, Ahmadinejad charged. Revolutionary forces are innocent of such shameful acts. Our basijis were beaten up in the street as they were protecting peoples rights, he said of Irans hardline Islamist militia which played a key role in stifling street protests. Meanwhile, Iranian Foreign Minister warned the US to shift from its previous policies on the Middle East conflict, a day after Israel called for tougher sanctions against Tehran over its nuclear drive. We warn the US government and (President Barack) Obama not to fall into the trap laid by former US politicians on the issue of Palestine, Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki was quoted as saying by the Fars news agency. The US government should know the new Middle East peace plan cannot ignore Palestinians rights and that this plan does not secure the least of Palestinians demands, he said. Mottaki also insisted that Irans national interests were tied up with obtaining Palestinians rights. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called Thursday for crippling sanctions against Iran to stop its disputed nuclear work as he expressed hopes for a quick resumption of Middle East peace talks.