"The rulers must not be blackmailed by millers" said the CJ Lahore High Court, Khwaja M. Sharif. After electricity, gas and flour crises, a new crisis has emerged from nowhere and taken hold of both public and the government. The government should take a tough stance to resolve this crisis. In this regard, I especially appreciate efforts of the CM Punjab who has taken solid action to overcome the crisis. The government must not black mailed by the sugar mills owners because it is the responsibility of government to ensure availability of the essential commodities at fair price to the public. Apparently, there is no coordination within the federal government at present. Prime Minister had ordered a crackdown against those responsible for sugar crisis but federal Minister of Industries had ordered the release of those arrested during the crack down. In no other sate are the industrialists allowed to hold stock of food items to sell them at a higher price at a later stage. Besides the government, the judiciary must also play its due role in resolving the sugar crisis as it has resolved many other issues. -ASMA DILSHAD WARRAICH, Lahore, via e-mail, August 21.