ISLAMABAD (APP) - A large number of commuters who usually shuttle on Route 101, from Pir Wadhai to different destinations of Islamabad, have been constantly suffering due to lack of efficient transport system. The travelling problem on the route is inter-linked with a large number of commuters, waiting on both sides of IJ Principal road, a merging area limits of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, and the plying of out-moded coasters. Oblivious to the commuters woes, the coasters are packed to suffocation. Every anxious commuter seems to hurriedly board the vehicles despite knowing the fact that he or she would have to undergo maltreatment inside the moving vehicle. Of these travellers, majority of the people is students and employees, who often risk their lives as they have to get on the out-dated buses in an extremely hazardous manner. Its difficult to get space in these buses, to find a place you will have to wildly jostle the standing people, Zameer Karimi, a government employee said. Many people risk their lives by boarding the rooftops of the buses, especially the youngsters, but the concerned authorities never bother about such open violations, Mohammad Naveed, another private firm employee expressed his views. Raheela Ambreen, an employee in cellular company, when asked replied, Its Herculean task for the females to board the vehicles as the commuters are thrusted like bags. Moreover, seats reserved for the female passengers are pre-occupied, she added. Mujtaba Kamal, a senior citizen, said that he had been a regular commuter on Route 101 for the last many years and longed that an efficient transport system on it would resolve their problems. Many among them were of the view that monopoly of transport companies should be discouraged with the introduction of other public transport like Varan Transport, capable of ferrying the commuters without trouble.