ISLAMABAD (APP) - Chief Commissioner Fazeel Asghar reviewed the security arrangements made in the Federal Capital during Ramazan at a high-level meeting held under his chairmanship. The meeting was attended by the Inspector General of Police Syed Kaleem Imam, Deputy Commissioner Amer Ali Ahmed, Director Administration Ch. Muhammad Ali, SSP Tahir Alam Khan , Assistant Commissioners and Magistrates. Inspector General of Police Syed Kaleem Imam, Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Amer Ali Ahmed and SSP Tahir Alam Khan gave a detailed briefing to the Chief Commissioner regarding the security arrangements made during Ramazan for ensuring the protection of life and property of the citizens. The Chief Commissioner was informed that foolproof security arrangements have been made in the Federal Capital and security of the mosques, imambargahs and worship places had been further tightened with the deployment of additional police force and private security guards. Joint patrolling by the magistrates and police force was being carried out especially during Taraveeh and prayers timings. Special security arrangements have been made at the public places including markets for the protection of citizens. Security plan for chand raat is also being finalized. It was informed that the ICT Administration and Police have launched special anti beggary drive in Islamabad to clear the city from the menace of beggary and two mobile anti-beggary squad have been assigned to check the menace. Deputy Commissioner Amer Ali Ahmed informed the participants that the ICT Administration had launched special anti-profiteering drive in Islamabad in order to ensure the availability of food items at the control rates and sasta bazaars and fair price shops have been set up in the city and rural areas for providing relief to the common man during Ramadan. Deputy Commissioner Amer Ali Ahmed also informed that mosque committees have also been activated for ensuring security of mosques, imambargahs during Ramadan and administration and police have held meetings with the religious scholars to beef up security of mosques. Chief Commissioner Fazeel Asghar asked the participants to ensure that the directions given by the Federal Government for ensuring the security arrangements during Ramadan are followed in true letter and spirit. He also directed Assistant Commissioners to hold open Kutcheries in the rural areas to solve the problems of local community. He also directed that Assistant Commissioners should also conduct checking of Patwar Khanas and Girdawari in the rural area to ensure transparency and good governance. The Assistant Commissioners should also inspect medical stores in order to ensure the quality of medicines and they along with DHO ICT and Drug Inspector ICT should also launch drive against spurious medicines and quacks involved in illegal medical practice. He also asked the magistrates to initiate action against Qabza Groups. Chief Commissioner Islamabad also directed magistrates to visit the health facilities in the rural areas and ensure provision of better health care facilities to the poor peoples of rural area.