A vituperative campaign has been unleashed by the players of the establishment with the apparent motive of shifting attention away from the prospect of instituting a treason case against the former dictator General (retd) Musharraf. Since the effort for his trial for having unlawfully abrogated the constitution is being spearheaded by PML-N, a collateral effort is also underway to malign its leader Mian Nawaz Sharif. It is truly amazing that people with a track record that should keep them away from public view for a lifetime for fear of shame appear on television channels completely oblivious to the fact that their word carries little credibility. In the process, they become convenient conduits for players who have an agenda to accomplish irrespective of whether such an act would contribute to the cause of the state. A former functionary of the IB appears to be one such agent provocateur who has reignited the controversy with regard to the history of the MQM. Quite obviously, this vicious onslaught had the prior blessings of the MQM leadership as it was quick to jump in to reap the benefit. Its self-exiled leader, in a video speech, remembered over 15,000 'martyrs' of the 1992 and 1995 operations demanding that those responsible should be held to account, thus stamping a seal of innocence on the MQM activities. Expressing disappointment with the then prime minister Mian Nawaz Sharif for not having stepped in to end the 1992 operation, he conveniently forgot the role of Pakistan People's Party and its leadership, his current coalition partner in Sindh and at the centre, in the launching of a more extensive and bloody operation that commenced in 1995. He also called upon the chief justice to constitute a commission to enquire into the operations of the nineties with the stated objective of clearing the MQM name from all alleged atrocities committed and declaring it innocent of all wrongdoing. While it may be unwise to shift the responsibility for launching such an enquiry from the legislature to the judiciary, it would serve the purpose only if it were completely transparent and its objectives were clearly stated. It should not be launched with any pre-meditated motive of clearing one or the other party, but with an intention of unearthing the facts and proceeding against the perpetrators of all crimes committed. Any other agenda would be counter-productive and against the cause of justice. Unfortunately, the principal players to the act that is unfurling currently forgot that every one does not have a jaundiced memory. If an enquiry is to be launched regarding the 1992 and 1995 operations, well so be it, but an effort should also be initiated to discover the facts with regard to the incidents of May 12, 2007 when over 50 people were slaughtered in the streets of Karachi to keep a chief justice from visiting the city and to prove the 'popularity' of a sitting dictator. Facts should also be ascertained about the notorious Khajji Ground where, ostensibly, blindfolded security personnel were brought to be executed. One should also know why houses of opponents were torched while others were eliminated in the most brutal of manners. Let there be no effort for selective justice. Let there be an enquiry to clear the entire deck. Obviously, that would not suit the intents of the players to the act because such an effort would resurrect more demons than it would succeed in eliminating and the intended motive would also not be accomplished. The principal intention behind the launching of this lethal campaign is none other than to discourage those stalwarts that are associated with the struggle for proclaiming the rule of law in the country and burying the prospect of military takeovers in the future. That does not serve the interests of forces that have traditionally thrived on pitting one political party against the other, thus creating a vacuum that they rush in to fill with their battalions of guns, cronies and sycophants. Unfortunately, circumstances have undergone a drastic change in the last decade and, with the advent of a proactive judiciary, an independent media and an enlivened civil society, one is able to see the evil intent behind all such moves, thus jeopardising their intended prospects. The likes of such agents would continue to come in drones, but as long as people are able to see through them, they would not be able to dent the lively surge towards attaining the ideals of building a society that is governed by the concept of equitability and equality before law. So, let there be more of them. That would only propel the need for more justice, more fair play. It may not be difficult to see the reasons why the players of the establishment have gone berserk over the prospect of bringing the former dictator to justice. Through the last six decades, Pakistan has presented a fertile ground for these actors to enact their games of destabilising the political forces through all means at their disposal including even the concoction of conveniences to confront the power of genuine political parties. As is often the case, once these artificial forces have been unleashed, they orbit out of traditional controls and start demanding more of their bit of flesh. Concurrently, they also unmask their own operational mechanism that may include recourse to extreme measures and methods to achieve their stated and un-stated objectives. But, being the product of unnatural means and their survival resting with continuing this marriage of convenience, they remain perpetually available to the forces of the establishment for rendering services whenever the occasion may arise. One such spectacle is being witnessed across the media screens these days. The obvious jitters that the prospect of the former dictator being held accountable for his illegal and unconstitutional acts is sending down the spine of the establishment anachronism is the obvious reason behind the frenzied effort to create dissent among the political forces of the country. The self-assumed superiority of a certain breed of people and their traditional refusal to submit before the dictate of law is the motivation behind the game plan that is unfurling before our eyes. But, one must not lose heart because times have, indeed, changed. No longer can a set of individuals, no matter how powerful and mighty, escape the clutches of accountability and justice. It is also time for the political leaders to stop being used for attaining extra-constitutional objectives that would hurt the interests of the country and, ultimately, their own. The writer is an independent political analyst based in Islamabad E-mail: raoofhasan@hotmail.com